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About – Public Utilities Board




PUB is a corporate body, established under the Public Utilities Ordinance, Cap 83, on 1 July 1977, and further amended in 2000 to allow PUB more autonomy in its operations. PUB was more recently established as an SOE under the SOE Act which came into force on 1 August 2013 with a more independent Board of Directors. The principle responsibilities of PUB are to deliver the following services to the population on South Tarawa


Electricity SUPPLY




sewerage disposal

Cleanliness, Safety and Conservation has become a core theme to PUB’s ongoing operations and will remain core to the business into the foreseeable future. The PUB is pursuing the objective of providing access to affordable services for all.


Based on its Vision, Mission and the Identified Strategies, PUB intends to improve its Financial and Operational Performance to become the major contributor and catalyst to the national Economic growth.


Most professional SOE in sustainable, quality service provision for Kiribati


To commercially provide and maintain quality, reliable electricity, water and sewerage disposal services to meet stakeholder needs.


– Customer Satisfaction

Customers and Stakeholders are central to our growth so they are the priority in our daily innovative business. The PUB will strive for excellence in operation and service delivery to exceed customer’s expectation and satisfaction. The PUB will conduct business in an ethical and decent manner.

– Economic Viability

As a commercial entity entrusted with the large scale of assets, the PUB values believing in economic viability as a sustainable economic growth. The PUB will deliver services through the use of advance technology.

– Team spirit with Conducive and Safe Working Environment

The PUB values team work and encourages a collaborative culture, sharing of limited resources across all divisions, sharing knowledge and skills, synchronizing the approach to achieve common objectives.

The PUB will provide a safe working environment together with training opportunities and good code of conduct and remuneration packages to employees to allow for efficiency and high productivity.

– Social Responsibility

The PUB values work in serving the nation’s people in the three essential services, Electricity, Water and Sewerage disposal services while building and upholding good governance and corporate credibility. Inclusive and equal employment opportunities underpin the PUB’s approach to attracting and retaining personnel.

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