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Schedule of Charges

This Schedule of Charges shall be known as the Public Utilities Board Schedule of Charges 2014 Edition and shall come into effect on 1 February 2014 with amendments thereafter.

Please note that a few charges had been implemented.



This Schedule shall come into force effective from 1st February 2014. All Schedule of Charges previously used by Public Utilities Board as a guideline will all be invalidated unless there is a specific mention among the clauses of this Schedule.



This Schedule of Charges shall apply to all PUB customers, stakeholders and staff. 


Errors in Administration

In the day-to-day administration of this Schedule, errors may occur. No customer, stakeholder, or staff will be allowed to lose or gain as a result of such errors nor may such errors be regarded as precedent for granting similar treatment to any other employee or customer.



(a) The Board may amend this Schedule from time to time.

(b) The Board may appoint a particular date for the coming in force of such amendments.


 See the following link for tabulated schedules:

Schedule 1 (Administration & Finance)

Schedule 2 (Power & Electricity)

Schedule 3 (Water)

Schedule 4 (Sewerage)

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