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Water and Sewerage


The PUB current water supply system comprised of 28 productions pumps running 24/7 for water abstraction from the existing underground freshwater lenses at the designated water reserve areas in Bonriki and Buota. These water reserve areas have a total capacity of 2010 cubic-meter per day.

Water produced from Bonriki and Buota is transferred to a treatment plant at Bonriki where it is treated by injecting chlorine gas. The water is then pumbed along a 225 mm diatransmission main to some sixteen (16) head ttanks and six (6) ground level storage reservoirs down do Betio. Water is distributed from each head tank through manually controlled valves which are turned on for two (2) hours every second day supplying individual households connections



The PUB current water-borne sewerage system is confined to three locations namely Betio, Bairiki and Bikenibeu serving a total of 2282 connections within these serviced areas. The system originally saltwater borne with flushing provided from the saltwater distribution systems but due to frequent failures of the intake reef galleries to supply seawater to the shore wells the system seawater supply is not in operation therefore toilet flushing current rely on well water.

Because of the flat topography of Tarawa, pumping stations are required along the sewerage reticulation line to pump the sewerage through the system ocean outfalls. There are a total of 20 pumping stations along the entire sewerage reticulation system in the following proportions: 9 on Betio, 4 on Bairiki and 7 on Bikenibeu. Each pump station has two pumps: one as a duty pump and the second is for back-up or standby purposes only. In total there are 40 pumps altogether if each station equipped with two pumps. The system consists of varying diameter sized pipe-lines between pump stations.

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